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CryptoGuard® is an AI powered security extension that offers collaborative anti-fraud, phishing site blocker, and real-time scans.

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The best-in-class AI security aggregator for protecting your crypto assets

Your Web3 Anti-virus

Safeguard your digital assets from scams and fraud with CryptoGuard. Our AI-driven technology scans and neutralizes threats using aggregating insights from the best industry security solutions.


Block Phishing Sites

Our AI-powered extension scans and blocks phishing sites in real-time, safeguarding your personal information and financial assets. Explore the Web3 universe knowing you are protected against the ever-evolving cyber threats.


Block Malware Smart Contracts

Protect your asset from Malware with CryptoGuard's advanced detection capabilities. Our extension analyzes smart contracts to identify and neutralize hidden threats, providing you with risk scores for enhanced security.


Risk-Score for Contracts

Navigate Web3 with confidence using CryptoGuard's AI-driven risk-scoring for contract security. Stay informed and protected with timely alerts, verifying wallet addresses, while analyzing every single transaction before you confirm it.

CryptoGuard® supports multiple chains




BInance smart chain



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Download CryptoGuard® browser extension to get started. Available on Chrome, Opera, Brave, Edge browsers.

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