We conducted an interview that shed light on the darker side of Web3 through the experiences of a former memecoin project team member who a suffered significant financial losses. This project suffered from a rugpull, and the founder ran away with a sum of approximately $8-10 million.

The insights provided by this interviewee serve as a critical reminder of the importance of due diligence, legal safeguards, and strategic investment in the volatile crypto market.

Background and Incident

The project, led by a CEO now under scrutiny in the United States, initially showed great promise, even participating in notable events like the Crypto Expo 2022 in Dubai. However, this promising venture became a nightmare when the project’s social media group was suddenly deleted a few days after, signaling a rug pull.

The term "rug pull" refers to a fraudulent scheme in the crypto world where project leaders suddenly withdraw all funds, leaving investors with worthless tokens. In this case, the rug pull resulted in significant financial losses for the team and the broader community.

Legal and Community Response

The interviewee and other affected parties have been pursuing legal action against the project leader after losing hundreds of thousands of dollars they had invested in the project. 

Despite having evidence that the project leader's wallet drained the smart contract and liquidity pool, progress has been slow due to the complexity of the case and the lack of formal employee contracts. This highlights a critical lesson for anyone involved in cryptocurrency: legal safeguards and formal agreements are necessary.

The community impacted by this rug pull has remained active, regularly checking in on updates regarding the case. This persistent engagement highlights community within the crypto space, where members support each other through challenging times.

Personal and Broader Impacts

The rug pull's personal toll was substantial. The interviewee recounted how many individuals, including personal friends, lost significant money. The unexpected nature of the rug pull, despite the project’s appearance of legitimacy, added to the shock and stress experienced by the victims.

Lessons Learned

One key takeaway from the interview is the importance of formal contracts and legal protections when engaging in crypto projects. Without these safeguards, investors and team members are vulnerable to fraudulent activities. Additionally, the interviewee emphasized the importance of diversifying investments to mitigate risks. By not putting all their eggs in one basket, investors can protect themselves from total loss in the event of a rug pull.

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